Yes, there are days when even I have writer's block. I've been sitting here staring at the blinking cursor for about 15 minutes. Already cruised Facebook and Twitter, which often give me ideas for topics. I read some other blogs. I even read Stanley Bing's column in the latest Fortune. Nothing.

My cure for writers block is to just write. Even if that means writing about writers block. Usually, it's just a few paragraphs. Other times, when I'm really not feeling it, I slam down a few haikus, like this:

This writer's muse is

nowhere in sight this good morn

must have the day off

Thick air hangs outside

My Granny called it "close". O!

the humidity

Clearly, quality isn't the goal! The trick is to just get started on SOMETHING.

And ultimately, that's the secret to being a production writer. You can only spend so much time looking for the "right" motivation. At some point, you just have to put fingers to keyboard and rely on muscle memory and a little divine intervention to get you through. Once I've got a few grafs under my belt, I'm set.

When I'm blocked on this blog, just writing about writing is OK since that's a large part of what we do here anyhow. For clients who want me to, say, write about social media etiquette (my first task today), writing about writing is the warm up. For some reason, once I've done any writing at all, I find a way to find the mojo necessary to dig into the topic at hand.

Speaking of that, I better get busy!