Be a Better Writer by Steve Peha and Margot Lester

Permit me, if you would, a couple moments of self-promotion...

The book I co-wrote with Steve Peha got a fantastic review from the good folks at Kirkus. Here's an excerpt:

"More impressive still is the content, which dives deep into the minutiae of writing to make sure that the reader truly understands not just what structures are operating, but how and why they function. One suggested activity is crafting a passage with no punctuation to force the student to choose words that will communicate their meaning even in the absence of periods and commas. This combination of out-of-the-box thinking and the traditional tactics of composition makes Peha’s work a solid choice for any teen attempting to get a handle on that big, mysterious practice known as writing."

Read the full review.

The good review resulted in a sales bump, so for a while over the weekend, we were the top-seller in our primary category on Amazon. (Still need a copy?

To say we are grateful for this recognition would be an understatement. Thank you!