You'd much rather be attending to those delicious holiday snacks in the breakroom or last-minute errands. Even though there are a few grains of sand in the hour glass, and data points left to be collected and analyzed, now's a great time to get started pre-writing those pesky year-end reports and other content that occupies us from early December through the end of January.

To help you out, I've packaged up our top tips for report-writing just for you. There are strategies for planning and researching your content as well as revising it for maximum effectiveness. The really cool thing is, these little tips can be used for a lot of types of writing, like memos, updates, etc. I guess that makes this bundle a gift that keeps on giving!

These pretty boxes won't help you write better reports, but they taste a lot better than pixels. (Source: Bouligny Bakery & Social Club.