You bet! Here's my latest column for ExitEvent!:

PR Lessons from the Tweetstream
What you can learn from tweets (if you follow the right people)
Posted by Margot Carmichael Lester

Topic: Marketing

Some folks think Twitter's a huge waste of time -- and it
certainly can be -- but there's a lot of useful information that bubbles
up from the Tweetstream. Sometimes, though, I think a little context or
additional insight is in order. So here are some recent tweets
followed by my own take:

@irvineAP: sorry but an e-mail that starts "dear member of the media" isn't exactly an attention grabber.
do you feel when you get a correspondence addressed to “dear small
business owners”? Not so impressed, right? So why would you make this
mistake when reaching out to the press? I know you're busy building a
business. But if you can't invest a little bit of time personalizing an
email, then don't use a salutation at all. Seriously. The best scenario
is one in which you bother to put personalize the message because it
allows reporters to think you're at least somewhat aware of who they are
and what they cover. “Dear Member of the Media” makes it too easy for
reporters to dismiss you out of hand as a spammer. Because, well, you
kind of are. Even though it may seem rude to forgo a salutation
completely, the Tweet above shows that the wrong salutation is worse
than none at all. 

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