I really like using Linkedin Answers. I've had good success using it to find credible sources for articles, and to build my own professional social capital (and work the kharma wheel) by offering my own insights and advice to others.

Here's an example of the latter: PR pro John Sternal posted a question yesterday about how to get your business on CNN. I responded with some advice. I was happy to share my ideas and have them available to others perusing the question. But John took it a step further and used the best answers on his blog, which you can read here. That's a cool way to extend his (and my) reach. Not only is he getting twice the bang for the same buck, but he's driving more traffic to his site by:

  1. Mentioning those of us whom he picked up by name on his Twitter posts about the blog. This could bring our followers to him, thus broadening his own audience.
  2. The self-promoters among us also will link to the post from our own blogs (comme ça).

How are you leveraging Linkedin to drive your business? For more ideas on using Linkedin (and the Answers function in particular), check out our  social media tips.