We love the idea of potential and possibility. And if we're good at what we do, we may have people telling us to aim higher. Encouraging or even pressuring us to do more, be more, achieve more.Those are expectations others have for you, their vision of your life.

But here's the thing: We get to live our vision.

Aspirations and goals are vital to success, but just because we can be bigger, higher profile or whatever doesn't mean we have to be.

Maybe success to you is running a business that provides a good living and lets you have time off to spend time with you family and friends, read or paint or make music, do volunteer work or tend your garden -- whatever!

Maybe success to you is serving a small niche.

Maybe it's working behind the scenes rather than in the spotlight.

The point is, we determine what success means to us and it's OK to want just that as long as we aren't settling for less than we -- not anyone else -- want.

Don't be afraid to pursue the business life (or personal life for that matter) you want. And don't be self-conscious about wanting what you want.