Hard to believe, but General Hospital, probably my favorite soaps of all time, premiered 49 years ago this month. To observe that auspicious occasion, I penned an article for Match.com on what we can learn about relationships from GH and other soaps.

Love lessons from daytime soaps

By Margot Carmichael Lester

Audrey March marries Steve Hardy (for the first time)

That afternoon staple of daytime drama, General Hospital (or GH), celebrates its 49th birthday this month on ABC, making it one of the longest-running television dramas in American history. Lord knows how many relationships were launched, ruined — and, in some cases, re-launched — during its iconic run that started way back on April 1, 1963. And while there’s no question that daytime dramas like GH are great entertainment, can they teach us anything about love?

Definitely, according to Susan Orenstein, a licensed psychologist in Cary, N.C. — though the lessons to be learned from soaps are “usually about what makes it hard for people to sustain relationships,” she asserts.

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