You can't vote if you're not registered (unless you live in North Dakota), so take a few minutes to make sure your registration is correct or to get registered.

What you need to know about voter registration

Elections are happening every year between local, state and special elections. It's smart to tend to your registration before you head to the polls.

don't assume your voter registration is correct. Double-check at

What to do if you're already registered to vote

Don't assume your voter registration is correct. It takes just a few clicks to verify your reg at or your state/local board of elections website. This is really important if you moved since the last election -- even in the same town or neighborhood.

What to do if you need to register to vote

Not registered yet? It's also pretty easy. Find all the information applicable to your state using the directory.

How the voting process works

Today's also a good day to review how to vote. For example, in our home state of North Carolina, this is the first year voters must show an ID to vote. No ID, no ballot. Don't wait till the last minute. Verify your voter registration today. Check your local or state board of elections website for the current set of requirements.

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