Everybody knows how much I love Linkedin. But with the relaxed requirements for making connections with "friends", I'm getting more questionable requests like this one:

Here's the deal: This guy is not my friend. I've never heard of him and don't know a soul in his network. Argh!

If you want to connect with someone on Linkedin -- especially someone you don't know even virtually -- do the extra work and write a personal note telling them why you'd like to connect. Like this:

"I saw your post in the IFCA group and would like to connect with you. I like your take on content management and would like to add you to my network. Thanks, and have a great week."

This one worked because it establishes context ("I saw your post", "IFCA"), explains why she wants to connect ("I like your take") and is friendly ("have a great week). Probably took under 30 seconds to write, too. And I did accept the request.

So take a few extra seconds to do the "work" of networking or, like this dude, you're likely to end up in the trash.

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On another note entirely, thanks to all the service members who gave their lives defending our country. And much appreciation to their families. Proud to honor you this Memorial Day (and always).