Got a super-long blog post?Here are some tips for making it more easily consumable:

Use subheads.

Whenever you feel a big new concept coming on, drop in a subhead announcing it. Whenever you've gone a handful (3-5) paragraphs, drop in a subhead to refocus your reader. Your subhead can be anything that helps guide the reader along the path, whether she's following along inline or he's skimming and scanning for key words. Which is why, though I love a clever subhead, I'm more inclined to advise using key terms (words or phrases) as your subheadings.

Break it up.

Because so many people struggle with feeding the blog beast daily, one solution is to take that long post and break it into smaller ones. Not only does this make it easier to read on a handheld/mobile device (and more people are consuming content that way every day), but it gives you content over several days and gives readers a reason to come back. You can link back to a previous day's post and tease the next day's, too. Personally, I think it's best to do this on consecutive days, and not over a weekend.

Create alternate formats.

Since some folks might not want to read a really long post at one sitting, or because you don't want to lose impatient people who might not want to follow a series on your blog, create the post in another easy-to-consume format. My favorite is to make a good-looking PDF of the whole thing and link to it from every post. After awhile, you'll have a whole library of great stuff that people can read and enjoy in many ways.

So the next time you've got a long post on your hands, try one (or more) of these tips to make it more reader-friendly.

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