It's the second full day of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. I'm a huge fan and my husband's a pretty big one, so my craving for wall-to-wall basketball doesn't bother him. But that's not true for all couples., who does seasonal content better than almost anybody, has a fair number of articles on dating and sports--many penned by yours truly. It's a savvy content strategy, because things like March Madness and the World Series are unlikely to go out of style any time soon, so the content is evergreen. The only tune-ups required may be some references to players/teams and pop culture references. But that's easy enough to handle on a rolling basis.

That's me and Ramses, the UNC mascot, ready for a Carolina victory!

Here's the seasonal content I've written about this, the most wonderful time of the year (as far as this hoops fanatic is concerned):

Go, Heels!