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Every communicator needs the same things to be effective: useful tools, proven techniques, actionable feedback, and a  writing process to produce consistently.

If you want to be a more efficient and effective communicator -- and you want to have some fun doing it -- I’m the coach you want in your corner and you’re the client I want to work hard for.

Tangible ROI

Let's work together to produce:

More effective leadership, authority and influence


Better results from focused, detailed and well-written communications


Greater confidence in your writing and communication skills


Higher quality writing across all genres


Faster turn-arounds for time-sensitive projects

How does writing coaching work?

Writing coaching only works if it's tailored to you. A professional writing coach should have a quantifiable way to assess your current skills and a cache of tools and tactics to help you reach your goals. Read about my research-based, real-world-tested methodology.

Take a look at these engagements to see how I work with folks like you.


C-level Executives

I coached a CEO on a process for capturing and organizing ideas to plan and write a business book; and worked with a top executive to prepare Congressional testimony


Ahead of a pitch competition, I provided feedback on a presentation that eventually led to a Google Demo Day win; a team of founders engaged me for help explaining a complex new technology

Nonprofit Leaders

When a board member decided to step down, I helped her craft a constructive letter of resignation; I coached an executive director on communicating effectively in a crisis


When an established author took over his website, we worked together to plan and edit the content; I coached a team of business book authors in creating a unified voice for its inaugural title

Public Figures

I advised an elected official on his statement and guest essay about a serious personal challenge; I helped a community leader draft an opinion essay for the local paper


A successful TV news reporter engaged me to adapt her skills to a corporate communications position; I coached a professional changing industries to make his résumé and cover letter more relevant to prospective employers

Online dating? I can help with that, too!

Besides being a professional marketer and award-winning writer, I worked for more than a decade with Match. com doing everything from how-to articles and quizzes to evaluating the traits of successful profiles. Plus, I’ve done my share of online dating , so I know what it’s like to put yourself out there and how hard it is to do it well and with confidence. My approach works! Some of my best friends are people I met first as prospective dates. The algorithm was right that we were compatible – too bad it still hasn’t figured out how assess the spark necessary to exit the friend zone. Email me to learn more about my match-first approach to creating a better profile.

How much does a writing coach cost?

What Does a Writing Coach Do?

A writing coach can help you with everything from brushing up your voice and writing faster to preparing for a big presentation or crafting a thought leadership piece. There are two main things a writing coach does: teach you new skills and/or show you new tools.

A chart of the skills and tools - Margot Lester Writing Coach

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What to Expect from a Writing Coach

This is a typical writing coaching engagement, but we can customize the journey to meet your specific needs.

More About Me

I was that kid in school who loved to write. While everyone else was sweating bullets over an essay question, I was stifling my glee. I struggled with reading and math. But I could always count on writing. It’s what got me through school, guided me in my career choices, and has kept me thriving in business at The Word Factory for over 25 years.

So I'm a coach and a professional writer. I know the struggles and have some solutions. Every year, The Word Factory knocks out hundreds of pieces for top organizations. I write a lot of them and edit the rest, so hardly a day passes that I don’t dig into a thousand words of something, finding what works, fixing what doesn’t, adding what’s missing. That’s how my team and I get better at what we do every day. And that’s how you know you’ll get better, too.

And, for what it's worth, I actually did sort-of write the book on being a better writer. I was the development editor for and co-author of the multiple award-winning Be a Better Writer.

Interested in coaching?
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From My Clients

Margot has that intangible, special trait that everyone in business strives for: charisma. Couple that with skills in her vast field of wordsmith optimization, passion, and smarts, and bam, you've got Margot. If you need a boost in today's emerging and ever changing marketplace, Margot is the woman to make it so.

Susan Kingman

Managing Director, SNI Companies

While I consider myself a competent writer when it comes to everyday writing (emails, etc.), I’ve always struggled with writing well for my business, whether it be my website, executive summary, or other marketing documents. Using the straightforward strategies I learned from Margot, I immediately found the courage to tackle projects that had been looming on my task list. Thank you for the great techniques!

Howie Rhee

Managing Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Fuqua School of Business at Duke University