With a high of 104 forecast for today, I'd rather be a the beach. (Photo by M.C. Lester)

The most-read posts from July all focus on media -- social and traditional. Here's a recap:

  1. Are you turning off reporters? What *not* to say to a reporter you meet at a party (or anywhere else).
  2. Top 5 ways to get more from Linkedin. Frustrated that Linkedin's not doing enough for you? What have you done for Linkedin lately?
  3. 3 things I dig about Google+ so far. A first look at some cool functionality in Google+ that can help you grow your business and share your messaging.
  4. Getting more from testimonials. You love getting strokes from delighted customers and clients, but how can you leverage those good words for more value?
  5. Are you overlooking your most valuable PR staffers? Customer-facing employees are the front line of your PR and marketing efforts. Are you treating and training them that way?