Media folks are busy, so it only makes sense to work a little harder to become a PR person who makes their job easier, rather that a pest who constantly calls to follow up.

Budgets are tight all over. We think it's best to help clients get more from the money they spend on PR than just wide distribution.

So when we're asked to help companies get more strategic about media relations, we follow a process that maximizes the opportunity.

In addition to the press release distribution services many of them feel are "must-haves", we help clients develop a smaller set of high-value contacts that connects goals and messages with the places the intended audience goes for information. Here's how we do it:

The approach results in a win-win:

  • Clients are happy because the investment in outreach pays off with good relationships and high-quality coverage.
  • Media folks are happy because they're getting news and information of actual interest to their audiences in the formats they prefer.

If you're not getting the results you want from your media relations activities, try a new approach like this one or get some more ideas and tips from these posts.