Big Monday, indeed! Between the America's Future Now conference, client meetings and deadlines, we're all super busy this week. It's a nice state to be in!

I'm finishing up a short assignment on recent grads and apartment leasing for Multifamily Executive.

Claire and I are working on an overview of Charleston, WVa., for Architect.

Steve's preparing his weekly blog post for the National Journal Education Experts blog.

Carolyn and I are preparing custom content for a special section on health and wellness for the Carrboro Citizen.

steve and I are preparing the follow-up materials to our c-level writing training in Toronto last week.

And then there are the books! Steve and I are both working on books for college students. His is on teaching reading for students in schools of education. Mine's on better writing and is aimed at anyone in a 2- or 4-year college. We're psyched!

Enough blogging! It's time to get to work, then to the conference.