Can't stop that day is right! Whew!

We're jamming through the modules for the FastTrac project. We call the project team the Mod Squad. I'm Linc! Solid.

I'm working on a super fun project for -- part of the family -- to develop some city data for a small group of locales. I've done projects like this before, like the Cost of Dating Index and love digging around for fun data. (Please note the original story is no longer available).

Steve's building a ginormous infographic for an internal client at Kauffman.

I also just finished another research project for the Multifamily Executive Tech Supplement. I developed great research skills back in th 90s when I was writing business plans for start-ups and Dogpile was the best search engine.

Claire and I are finishing up our first passes at the ad campaign we're doing for the Friends of the Library.

Carolyn's researching architecture and development in Manchester, NH, for Architect magazine.

I'm also finishing up my contribution to Carrboro's Local Living Economy Task Force: a revision of items related to a Think Local First Campaign.

And in a sign that the banking and insurance sectors may be coming back, we've been asked to present at the Insurance & Financial Communicators Association meeting in Montreal later this year. So psyched to be back in the saddle with this great group!

Whew. I think I need a nap now!

Have a great week, y'all!