Shoo lord mighty!

That's what my former sister-in-law would say whenever her mind was blown. And it's what I channeled as I read the opening lines of James Wolcott's Vanity Fair article on Moss Hart's Act One. It's filled with hard-working words and phrases that set the stage (*cough*) for the piece, and the tone of the lede is spot-on for a passage reference a theatre critic. We can all learn a thing or two about how to deploy "plain English" to create deliciously descriptive language from this example:

I just love "his wicked self", "two dessert toppings battling" and "peach-pit heart". Plain terms pulled together to create indelible images that convey the concepts clearly. WINNING!

Here are some actionable tips for using more picturesque, descriptive language in your content.

My idol Kitty Carlisle and her husband, Moss Hart, in Times Square. (From New York Magazine)