Margot in a bear trap at the Grand Canyon

Don't be trapped by a lack of great blogging topics!

Here are a few more sources for great blog topic ideas:

  • Delighted customers and vendors
  • Board members (especially good for non-profits and advocacy)
  • Volunteers (also good for non-profits and advocacy)
  • Part-time employees

These folks often have different ideas than the marketing or CRM teams because their perspectives are so different.

Capturing the gold

To capture their ideas, you could try any (or all) of the following:

1. Make a note/request

When someone tells you about a great experience or makes an interesting observation, note it and ask if you can quote them on it. Maybe even ask them to write up a short post in their own words.

2. Include a question in a survey

What topics would you like to on our blog or Facebook page?

3. Mine market research

If you're already asking people to share anecdotes and experiences with you for marketing or customer-service research, you've got a pile of post ideas at your fingertips.

4. Integrate into staff/board meetings

Devote 30 minutes to idea generation and capture at a monthly meeting. I like to do this with the Idea-Details strategy. You can use the strategy alone, or go one step further and ask them to write up a post from their pre-writing.

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