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Coming back from a miscue: How to recover without inducing eye-rolls

We've all done or said something that offended or hurt another person. It's inevitable that our actions have impact that can run counter to our intention. No matter how careful we are, how our actions and words land with other people is, ultimately, what matters most. Click here to discover five ways to bounce back.

The 5 most valuable B2B content types, according to research

We take a look recent research showing the content types people find most useful and how to use them. Click here to see the types and our tips for using them to boost your content marketing success.

Mini case study: Email marketing with empathy & kindness

Marketing that's pegged to these observances is always tricky. There's soooo much opportunity to get it wrong -- and many marketers do. For many folks, Mother's Day and Father's Day bring up painful feelings of sadness, isolation, anger and trauma. Since most marketing is targeted to a broad audience, we're subjected to these messages without a thought. Click here to see what you can learn from BlueBottle's opt-out option.