Looking for a new hobby? Want to stretch your creativity? Interested in more self-expression? Need an excuse to engage with nature? Nature journaling is a great pastime that requires few resources can be done any time you want and has serious health benefits.

The health benefits of engaging with nature

Reams of scientific papers prove the value of spending time in nature. Shoot, the upsides accrue even if you're just looking at images of nature. You can read more about this in the excellent book, Your Brain on Nature, which is written for a lay audience.

Journaling -- writing, sketching, both -- is a fun and easy way to tap into those benefits, while also stretching your awareness and expression muscles.

How to get started with nature journaling

All you need to get started is something to write on and with. You can get a fancy journal or colored pencils if you want, but some scrap paper and that ragged old 64-box of crayons will do just fine, too.

You can just go out and start writing what you see or how you feel, but if you need some guidelines, here are the prompts I use most:

I created a downloadable bookmark including these prompts that you can slide into your journal and have with you wherever you go.

Learn more about my nature and gratitude journaling rambles. I mostly do them in and around Central North Carolina, but if I'm traveling to your area, or you want to pay me to, we can pull something together tailored to your specific locale.

How to promote nature journaling content in public spaces

In addition to journaling workshops, I also create nature journal content for public landholders. My design partner Marc Borzelleca and I recently created on-trail kiosk posters for the Triangle Land Conservancy's Williamson Preserve. I also wrote a blog post introducing the kiosk and promoting nature journaling in general.

Email me if you're interested in interpretive content for your organization.

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