So often school made words and even word games tedious and joyless. I'm on a mission to put some of the fun back into word study.

When you make your living by the word, you pay attention to cool little factoids about vocabulary. My latest fun find is "kangaroo words" -- terms that have their own synonym tucked right inside them -- in the right order! You don't need to be an English PhD or Marlon Perkins to figure out the origins of the term. While these words have existed since, well, the moment they came into being, the term itself appears to have been coined by Ben O'Dell in an article for The American Magazine.

Check out these examples:

  • blossom
  • chocolate
  • honorable
  • observe
  • rambunctious

Now that you know about them, see how many you can find this week!

NB: The stuffed animals in the hero image are my very own Kanga and Roo, which I've had since I was probably 6, making them older than a lot of you reading this right now. (They're 56, if you're wondering and hang out with the rest of the menagerie in my office.)

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