Sometimes the best networking isn't networking at all. A decade ago, I moved to LA and discovered the Laurel Canyon Dog Park. Each day, my pooch, Ursa, and I would head up the street to the park. Ursa made lots of friends, and I made some, too. Among them was Satellite, a wire-haired fox terrier, and his person, David Geffner, a fellow writer. David and I remained good friends even after our dear dogs went to the big dog park in the sky.

I never thought of hanging out with David as networking, even after he got a job editing the International Cinematographers Guild magazine last year. But it turns out it kind of was. Because as soon as David began planning his first issue, he invited me to become a regular contributor.

I guess this goes to show that everything is networking on some level, even when you're not networking at all.

(For more of my thoughts on networking, go here.)

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