Back when I worked in higher ed, the development staff kept a few bottles of bubbly chilling so we could celebrate a big donation. I liked the idea so much I put it into place when I started my own company. And I'm please to announce that we'll be breaking out the bubbly this afternoon because we landed a big gig this morning!

Earlier this month, we did a pilot gig with c-suite officers of a large Canadian insurance company. The deal was if they liked what we had to offer, they'd bring us in to roll the writing program out company-wide. Well, to paraphrase Sally Field, "You like us, you really like us!" because they've invited us back!

Later this month, we'll do two days of intensive writing workshops for the staff. We'll focus on the gold standards the execs identified, offer some pre-writing/planning tools and work on revising and editing. After the two days are up, we'll provide ongoing support via email and phone calls. And we hope we'll get back up there to do a few in-person coaching sessions, as well.

This is a huge opportunity for us to work longer term with a solid client. And with such strong c-level support, the training will stick better. That's one of the key tenets of our training ROI thesis (see here).