We're pleased to welcome a new client to The Word Factory! We've been engaged by the Friends of the Library at UNC to do a series of ads highlighting the special collections on campus. Very cool opportunity to showcase some of Carolina's hidden gems! Added bonus: Working with Peggy Myers, who I've known since junior high (just a few years ago, natch), and meeting Sarah Poteete, our client contact person. Great folks!

Claire and I are teaming up for this project, which takes us back to our roots. I'm the daughter and neice of two ad men (my dad was Don Draper before Don Draper was cool), and I majored in advertising at UNC. It's also nice for the grand-daughter of a librarian. My grandmother Memory was a librarian at Columbia and a life-long archivist. One of the first projects Claire did when she came to work with us as an intern was a series of ads for the Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Those ads were so fun -- and very effective -- that she's been the go-to gal for ad accounts ever since.

None of this would be possible, though, without a nice referral from long-time client Laurie Norman at the School of Education. Her word-of-mouth promotion is pure gold!