The book that started *my* career in writing about jobs.

Back in 1998 when Joel Bush asked me to write a book about starting your career, I thought it would be a fun project. The whole idea seemed a little nuts since I really wasn't any kind of expert on job-seeking. But I'd advised a bunch of college interns on landing their first gigs, and I was a good reporter with a fantastic Rolodex. Why not take a chance? Maybe I'd make some money, but mostly I figured the effort would shut up all the people who said, "You oughta write a book".

The resulting tome, The Real Life Guide to Starting Your Career, yielded all that, and a bunch more:

  • An epic (and hijinks-filled) trip to the Book Expo of America
  • Tickets to Game 7 of the 1998 Bulls-Pacers series.
  • Koko Taylor in concert.
  • Interviews in Fortune magazine and CNN.
  • Introductions to awesome people like Allen Wyke.
  • Nifty gigs writing for and Playboy and PoV magazines.

The most recent benefit has been a series of career writing workshops that I've been giving with Steve all over the country. It started in Detroit a couple years ago as part of a Kauffman Foundation project and has grown since then.

So the next time somebody asks you to do something a little kooky but a lot of fun, give serious consideration to saying yes. You never know where it will take you!


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