Who needs a slick bulk email when you can have old-school bag mail?

I found this nifty packet lying in my driving way yesterday afternoon. At first, I thought it was garbage, and I wasn't happy about it. But I took a closer look. And I laughed.

I love this little leave behind! In an age where marketers are constantly bombarding me with bulk emails or slick promotions, this old-fashioned approach was a welcomed relief. And far from being lazy, it's a pretty work intensive way to woo my patronage. Just look at what was entailed in developing this campaign:

  • Printing and repro of the menu and coupons (admittedly, they probably do this all the time for use in-store)
  • Sourcing the bags and the "nice" rocks
  • Folding and stuffing the materials
  • Driving around Carrboro tossing these babies into driveways

It also took some thought. Somebody sat down, maybe at a kitchen table like Chris Brogan's, and thought through the logistics. Though it took time to compile the packet, the delivery component was more efficient than just sticking stuff on my doorknob or mailbox like most folks do. The rocks make it possible to sling these bad boys right out the car window at a neighborhood-appropriate slow roll. Genius!

Did it work? Well, I've never heard of this place, so the packet succeeded in informing me of the establishment's existence. We like Chinese food, so there's a decent chance we'd head over for lunch one day. But what's really going to get me in the door is my desire to meet the people who came up with such a simple idea that had impact (happily, not as much impact as if they'd hurled this too close to window, however!).

Next time you're planning a marketing activity, think about this story. There may be a simpler, more home-spun way to achieve your goals.