Good chilly mornin' to ya! Usually, this time of year brings a general slowing of workflow. But not this year. Last week, we landed a large project with the Kauffman Foundation to work on revising its FastTrac New Venture materials. It's very exciting for me as both a graduate of FastTrac and a certified trainer -- not to mention the project lead. We'll be working steadily on this through mid-March. In other big news, Claire Parker is back from maternity leave -- and just in time!

But there are still plenty of other things going on 'round here as we begin to close the year.Here's a look:

● Claire is pulling together architectural projects in our nation's capitol for Architect magazine.

● I file my spotlight on outstanding TV news camera operators for the Cinematographers Guild today.

●Carolyn and I are wrapping up Phase I and beginning to plan Phase II of our outreach work for our biotech client.

●I'm working three articles for

●Steve's filing his National Journal post and is working on his monthly column for the Carrrboro Citizen.

●He and I are looking at production planning for the FastTrac materials and starting our basic research.


Here's hoping you have a great week!