It's the second week of November already? My lord, where has the year gone?

We're in need of sources this week:

For a short piece on the auction of the Silverdome for Architect magazine: I need to speak with a local economic development expert about the property, and a broker who can talk about other stadium auctions nationally. Email me with SILVERDOME in the subject line.

For a piece on how to survive being on a skeleton crew for I'm looking for professional coaches and HR execs to provide tips for managing survivor guilt, figuring out who should do what, and dealing with conflict and stress. Email me with SKELETON in the subject line.

For a business round-up for the Carrboro Citizen: I need Orange/Chatham business briefs like personnel announcements, new clients, expansions, etc. Email me with CARRBORO in the subject line.

Here's what else we're working on this week:

Steve and I are putting the final touches on our A Matter of Opinion and Social Media workshops, which we'll present next week. We'll do the former for the Equality:North Carolina annual conference. The latter will be presented for the Kauffman Foundation's Global Entrepreneurship Week event in Kansas City, Mo.

Carolyn and I continue to work on projects for our pharma client. She's researching healthcare trade groups and state agencies. I'm processing the data from a set of interviews into a key message architecture.

Steve's teaching writing at a local charter school today and Friday. He'll also write his weekly National Journal post and his monthly column for the Carrboro Citizen.

I'm launching a market research project for the Kauffman Foundation's FastTrac College Edition. Carolyn and I are collaborating on a channel assessment for the overall FastTrac program. Steve and I are finishing up a content review we did for them, as well.

I'll finish up a profile of Texas cardiologist Chip McAllister for the N.C. Medical Foundation Bulletin, and will start doing interviews for my next piece for the Cinematographers Guild on news cameramen.

Here's hoping for a productive week for all of us!