Another busy week, for which we are all exceedingly grateful!

• Carolyn and I file the Carrboro Resource & Visitors Guide tomorrow, so final editing is happening today.

• Steve's working on a software documentation project for a returning client. We love when that happens!

• I'm wrapping up my Biz Beat column for this week's Carrboro Citizen and will do some consulting on corporate blog-writing today.

• Then I've got two articles on interview questions to knock out.

• Steve will be writing up another post for the National Journal's education experts blog.

• I'll also be finishing up and starting projects for UNC. I'm almost done with the med student leadership article, then I start on camping safety and heart health for hunters for UNC Health Care. I'm also expecting to get back the source review on a research profile for Kenan-Flagler.

• I'm continuing to work on a Waterbury, Conn., article for Architect and a community beyond housing article for Developer.

No sources needed this week, but stay tuned!