Our top posts this quarter focused on time management, word choice, nature journaling and more.

How to estimate your time more accurately

This year I launched a new training module on time management for content creators. One of the core elements is estimating the time required, which I shared in this popular post. Email me if you want to schedule this virtual or in-person workshop!

The problem with ableist language and why you should avoid it

Quit using ableist language

Learn why ableist language is a problem and how to avoid making things worse. We can all do better.

How to get started with nature journaling

Writing in and about nature is a great way to stretch your writing muscles and ease your stress. I've got the basics here to get you started. Reach out if you want to schedule a nature journaling outing for your friends or team (it's a great staff retreat or self-care session).

illustration by Lisa Drake

Marking a Milestone

Surprisingly (to me, anyhow), the most-read post of the first quarter was my reflection on spending half my life as a small business owner.

Thanks, as ever, for reading and sharing my posts.

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