I've been a ROAD iD user for years, and this year I upgraded to a wristband model. Check out this fantastic packaging that my new gear arrived in:

RoadID's superior packaging
Example of terrific packaging from RoadID

This isn't just packaging, it's content marketing, utilizing a blend of visual and editorial that succeeds on many levels:

  • The padded mailer (far left) protected my wristband during transit and reinforces to me and anyone else seeing it all the cool stuff I can do with the peace of mind the product provides.
  • The box (top right) provided additional protection and the message "Wow, is that yours? It's magnificent. Just like you!" That made me feel like I was smart for buying the product and makes me aspire to magnificence and then get outside.
  • Instead of an anonymous "inspected by" or "packed by" note, I got a little postcard from Serita (bottom right). This is a great way to make me feel cared for and to show me the kind of happy and thoughtful people RoadID employs. That's important for any organization, and especially one that's looking out for my safety. I know this might be a gimmick, but I don't care. I feel like Serita and everybody else at the company has my back.
  • And the coupon (below the box) is funny. And it worked, I did offer the code to a good friend who's an avid runner.

You may not have the budget to make your packaging this deluxe, but use that financial constraint to spark creativity and do what you can to carry your brand promise further, encourage trust and give your customers a terrific delivery experience.

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