Many of us have been motivated to speak up and speak out about racial injustice, police brutality and health disparities. It's also Pride Month and a lot of us are also advocating for the rights of LGBTQIA community members.

A megaphone illustrating a post on advocacy writing in support of Black Lives Matter and Pride Month

If you're anything like me, there are so many aspects to the issues we care about that it can be hard to keep our comments focused. There's so much people need to know. So much we need to tell them. That's when I turn to my tried and true People-Information-Goals strategy. It helps me get the ideas out of my head and onto the page so I can figure out which details and calls to action have the most impact and influence. Filling it out by hand, which I recommend, has the added benefit of slowing our brains down so we think more clearly and consider important aspects like audience objections and author's voice.

How to write for advocacy and activism

Download my one-page guide and strategy for quick help with persuasive writing or get the full packet for step-by-step instructions and helpful models on how to capture the power of your ideas and be a more efficient and effective advocate or ally.

Many brands, CEOs and individuals are pushing for long-overdue changes in the way we treat members of our community. Add your voice to the chorus with a well-crafted and compelling opinion or persuasive message.

Want some help? I can coach you through writing advocacy content, provide revision and editing services, or our content team can create social responsibility content for you.

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