We've all seen the data on how engagement is influenced by images. Here are some tips for taking and selecting photos to use in your content marketing.

3 tips for working with photographers

Photographer Martha Hoelzer on The Word Factory Blog
Martha Hoelzer

Getting the right shots requires strong collaboration between editorial and photography. I asked my friend and professional photographer Martha Hoelzer to share her advice for working with photographers. Learn how to work with professional photographers.

Advice for choosing stock photos responsibly

Choosing photos for your next project? Be more thoughtful and intentional about showing people who are representative of your audience. Get tips on how to choose photos for content marketing.

How to look great in photos

Photographer Charles Gupton on The Word Factory blog
Charles Gupton

No matter how great you are at selfies, it can be a challenge to sit for a posed photograph like a head shot or group photo. So I asked professional photographer Charles Gupton to share his advice. Check out tips for looking great in photos.