Welcome back! Hope everyone had a joyful close of the year and is ready to excel in 2013!

When last we were together, I was contemplating my annual 3 words exercise (h/t Chris Brogan). So here are the three words I decided on to guide me through the New Year:


Orange County, N.C.: Open-minded and open for business.I do a lot of advocacy work, but I'd like to expand the definition of it. So in 2013, instead of only advocating for causes I care about, I'm adding people to the list. My goal is to be a better friend to my the people I'm close to and a better supporter/advocate/mentor to people I work with professionally or in a volunteer capacity. This supports some of my key values around family and helpfulness.

the winning structure at the Chamber's board retreatBuild

The New Year is shaping up to be busy with big projects and new clients, but I don't want to get so caught up in taking care of business that I forget to make things (like the winning spaghetti tower I helped build at left). I'm making plans to shoot more photography and work on some prints. But I also want to make things in the business sense, like making valuable connections, or building my nascent coaching business.


Marvin always completes his taskMuch as I like building, I like finishing, too. I want to close loops and complete processes in 2013. And if something's not working, I don't want to leave it hanging, even though that's so tempting. Completion isn't always possible because it sometimes depends on things out of my control, but I like having it as a goal. (Much like our dog, Marvin, who always pursues the destruction of chew toys to completion.)

So those are my three words for 2013. What are yours? Or do you favor resolutions?