I just sent off a proposal to present our A Matter of Opinion workshop to the Equality NC annual conference later this year.

These days, with so much of our world under duress, calling people to action and advocating for a cause may be more important than ever. Yet a lot of folks remain silent on the issues they care most about. I know from the work we do with adults and kids that there are two main reasons for this silence:

1. They don’t feel anyone will care what they have to say
2. They don’t feel they’re good enough writers to pull it off

My answer to number 1 is that there is ALWAYS someone who cares what you think. And if it’s well done, you can find a platform and an audience. Which brings me to my answer to number 2, which is just as simple: ANYONE can write a good op-ed, letter the editor, blog post or radio/TV commentary.

We’ve got a simple strategy that helps writers think through an opinion/persuasive piece in a focused way that keys in on the audience and their questions, the writer’s purpose and a clear idea and supporting details. It’s called the Content-Purpose-Audience strategy, and it was developed by Steve for use in K-12 classrooms. It works great there, and we’ve successfully migrated it to college and adult writers, too. Check it the packet we used for our workshop for Leadership Triangle earlier this year here.

So, if you’ve got something on your mind, get writing! And if you’d like us to present this workshop to your non-profit, advocacy or professional group, just email me.