We hope you and yours are faring well during the pandemic. These are interesting days for myriad reasons and bearing up isn’t always easy.

I’ve found satisfaction and solace from talking to my colleagues at other organizations, so I’m making myself available for 30 minutes of free phone support each week to you, too. If you want to strategize, commiserate or just chat with a different face, email to set up a call.

Beyond moral support, I want to support you as the COVID-19 lockdowns roll on and our attention turns to re-entry and recovery. Here are some ways my team and I can help:

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Maximize Your Content Marketing Budget

Even as budgets are being cut or reallocated, you've got to keep the high-quality content flowing cost-efficiently. Let's collaborate to stretch your dollar with:

  • Rapid Revision. Get quick-turn copy-editing and feedback on your content for $90/hour. In most cases, 60 minutes is all we’ll need. Let us polish your prose!
  • Content Refresh. Make the most of the budget you have left with a re-investment in your high-traffic evergreen assets, topics with organic search value and/or seasonal content. Our refresh service breathes new life into existing content our refresh service with copy and metadata revisions updated links and new images. Fees are $750 for one piece of content, $500/piece for sets of five assets or more.
  • Skills Improvement. Boost your team’s ability to produce better content, work faster and reduce drag. Our one-hour webinar introduces the strategies we use here at The Word Factory and provides one-hour of free follow-up to each participant for $750.

Learn more about our content marketing and brand journalism services.

Optimize Your Personal Brand

Optimize your personal brand

Career experts say now is the right time to shore up your LinkedIn profile to prepare for an unexpected change in employment status or to reinforce your value to your current employer. I can coach you through:

  • LinkedIn Profile Update. Spruce up your LinkedIn presence with a stronger summary and more effective descriptions of your work. This $750 package includes an assessment of your current profile, actionable feedback, and revision and editing support.
  • Cover Letter / Letter of Interest Creation. Ease the stress of crafting these important documents. Writing about ourselves, especially under duress, is just plain hard. This $500 package includes proven pre-writing and planning strategies, consulting on voice and tone, and revision and editing services.
  • Writing & Communication Upgrade. Improve your skills, increase your influence and authority and communicate with more concision and impact. We work together to identify opportunities for improvement, deploy tactics to make writing stronger and learn how to maximize the power of your ideas.

We’re figuring out all kinds of new things about marketing and work these days. Along the way to re-entry and recovery from pandemic operations, there will be some stumbles and some celebrations. And our team is at your side through all of them.

Drop a line if you want to vent, shoot the breeze or enlist our help. We’re here for you.

Be well,

Margot and The Word Factory Team