I’ve been thinking a lot about process lately. It’s no shock to anyone who knows me that I’m a process junkie. I think it comes in part from my Dad, who looked for the most effective way to do anything, and two early jobs: a day camp counselor and assistant director in my teens and as an operations staff member at the student union during my college days. When you’re charged with moving 65 sub-10-year-olds around the camp grounds, or setting up concert halls and meeting rooms, you start paying attention to the best way to get things done right and right on time. By the time I graduated from college, it was in my blood stream.

It’s mostly a gift, my focus on process. It’s helped me run a small company for 16 years without going broke or crazy. And back in my corporate days, it made me one hell of an effective production manager in two small marketing shops at two large organizations.

At The Word Factory, process is power. I’ve already posted a little about how we use the Content-Purpose-Audience strategy to avoid project creep. Over the next few posts, I’ll share other process approaches we use to be more effective, efficient and focused on quality – and how we teach them to others through our corporate workshops.

In the mean time, what processes do you rely on to keep the wheels turning in the right direction in your work? We’d love to know!