Want a fresh set of eyes on your writing? Need an interim or project editor? Planning an update of existing or evergreen content? We've been editors of newsletters, magazines, newspapers and books. We’ve got AP Style and Chicago Style down. Engage us to take a care of: Content refreshing: Revising existing and evergreen content to give it a fresh feel and improve overall quality, including:
  • Tightening. Revising to delete unnecessary words and phrases, to simplify complex sentence constructions, and to rework beginnings, endings and subheads.
  • Updating. Replacing broken links and adding new contextual and related content links. Updating/verifying data citations to the most recent year available. Adding new search terms and crafting social media posts for up to three channels based on industry-standard parameters.
  • Optimizing. Creating new meta titles, descriptions and excerpts using key words you provide, written to industry standards for optimal character length.
We refreshed existing content related to new campaigns or themes on the Philips Lifeline blog so these assets can be used as contextual or related links. And Staples engaged us to update for many of the legacy articles in  its Business Hub Technology  and Retail Resource Center POS sections. Development editing: Helping you develop ideas and identify problem areas (early stage) or offering comments and suggestions about ideas, concepts and other aspects of the copy to create a coherent and thoughtful work. Copy-editing/Revising: Tightening and revising to ensure clarity, preserve voice and correct SPUG (spelling, punctuation, usage and grammar) and AP/Chicago Style errors. More than proofing, we work with you to make your content even better. For example,Margot edited the Balanced Scorecard Institute's first book, The Institute Way. Proofreading: Correcting SPUG and AP/Chicago Style errors.