It's hard to believe we're at mid-year. In some ways, 2020 has been s-l-o-w. In others, it's been a chaotic mad dash.

We're kicking off Q3 with a lot of new things, the first and most obvious of which is our new site design. Huge thanks to our partners at AndiSites for a smooth migration and expert tech and moral support. We really dig the new look and hope you do, too.

So psyched to start the quarter with a new web design. Thanks, @AndiSites! Read about it and more:

In the coming weeks, we'll be adding to the site our formalized statement on anti-racism, diversity and inclusion, a more robust and detailed version of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day pledge I made last year. And we'll be announcing an upgrade to our evergreen content refresh package and a new, on-hour one-on-one writing coaching option.

Top Posts of Q2

Revisit the 3 most-read posts of the last quarter:

  1. My quick run-down of how to make writing more effective without breaking a sweat.
  2. Our set of #wearamask social images inspired by our team MD Ben Hippen and designed by our creative director Marc Borzelleca. [DOWNLOAD]
  3. Why and how to brand your video conference background.

Here's to a healthy and productive second half of the year.

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