A client called with an SOS. His staff was working long hours, feeling stressing and approaching burn out. He's not a tyrant. In fact, he wanted his staff to work more efficiently, not more. What he needed was a way to help them do that. He turned to me because I'm a superhero at time management. Working in a deadline-based business like journalism will do that to a person. So I developed a training for his team to help them estimate time, choose priorities, protect their time and better serve their internal clients in the process. Learn more or book my time and priority management workshop here.

What was happening at my friend's office is happening all over the place according to a new survey from VoiceNation that found 20%  of U.S. workers are stressed out because of time management.

3 ways to manage time and reduce stress

To help you get a handle on time and make it work for you, I've rounded up time management tips from elsewhere on the blog. Click the pictures to get the details.

1. Figure out how long you need to complete your most frequent and valuable tasks.

time mangement tips

2. Reframe your to-do list to focus on important and urgent tasks first.

3. Spend less time composing and more time revising.

Hope these tips help. Email me if you'd like more support through group training or private coaching.

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