Updated January 2024

Research from Ascend2 & Research Partners shows where content marketers struggle with SEO.

2 tips to improve content marketing SEO

SEO Tactic 1: Improve internal and external linking

The linking issue is a pretty straightforward fix. We, as the researchers and producers of the content, take care of finding internal and external links for every content piece we create. This makes sense because we've got the necessary context for finding relevant links since we found them by searching as a customer would, using long-tail keywords we think make sense as well as any provided by the client. That ensures relevance. We then create contextual links in the body of our content, Related Content links for interstitial or end copy, and external links to add trust and authority. This process enables us to take on most of the heavy lifting for our clients, making it faster and easier for them to optimize their content.

SEO Tactic 2: Create relevant content

There are a lot of ways to produce more relevant content to drive SEO/SEM, including these three quick tactics:

Don't have the human capital to execute these tactics even with our low-drag suggestions? Consider hiring outside help or offering staff training or coaching for content marketers to address this critical skills gap.

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