Writing Strategies for Reports

Those holiday goodies are calling your name from the breakroom down the hall, but you've sworn you won't indulge till you get started on that year-end report. Well, take another swig of coffee and keep reading, because I've pulled together a set of report-writing tips that'll have you finished and feasting before your cubicle mate can eat the last of the peppermint bark:

Writing Better Reports, Part 1: Clearer Directions & More Logical Flow

Writing Better Reports, Part 2: Stronger Recaps & Summaries

Quick and Effective Revision Strategies for Better Writing

And the best part is, you can use these same strategies to write almost any other kind of business communication you've got on your year-end to-do list. Good luck (and save me a marshmallow treat!).


These pretty boxes won't help you write better reports, but they taste a lot better than pixels and make awesome corporate gifts. (Source: Bouligny Bakery & Social Club. www.boulignybakery.com)

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