Many of us are caring for aging parents -- some who are independent, some residing in assisted living communities and others living at home with us. It's a role that's as rewarding as it is challenging.

We know this firsthand here at The Word Factory. Some team mebers have moved closer to their parents to have more time together and to be nearer "just in case". Two have moms experiencing cognitive decline living with them.

Recently, 1A did an entire segment on family caregivers. If you've got an aging family member in your life, I encourage you to give it a listen. And if you're in HR, I invite you to tune in, too. There are things employers can do to ease the challenges of family caregiving -- and that have business benefits of reducing unplanned absences, improving productivity and morale and lowering turnover. Play the segment.

And here are eight articles we've created over the years for Philips Lifeline:

  1. Learn about Caregiver Stress Syndrome - Yes, it's a real thing. Check out the list of symptoms.
  2. Advice for new family caregivers - Insights from experienced family caregivers who've been there
  3. Checklist for caregiving from a distance - Ways to "be there" even when you live far away
  4. Support for military and veteran caregivers - Resources for people caring for those who have served
  5. Tips for caring for older family members - Recommendations for looking after an aging spouse or other loved one
  6. When your parent goes to the ER - The things you need to know and do
  7. Hospital discharge checklist - What to do before your family member is discharged from the hospital
  8. Planning for the costs of aging in America - Ideas for reducing financial impacts of family caregiving

(I've also put all these articles and the 1A segment in a handy Flipboard magazine.)

There's a ton more advice on the Philips Lifeline Caregiver blog.

We know the opportunities and challenges of caring for aging loved ones and hope this information helps you feel more confident and less stressed. You're doing great!

That's me and my mom, Margaret, 15 or so years ago in Mendocino, CA.