Updated August 2023

Writer's Block never hits when you have all the time in the world to bang your head against the wall or avoid your work altogether until inspiration finds you and the words flow like wine.


It happens when you can least accommodate it. When the clock is ticking and the cursor blinking and you have to produce.

3 Ways to Beat Writer's Block

Cures for writer's block are like opinions: everybody's got one. I've got a few:

  1. Take a walk. Just a quick step out to the breakroom, the coffee place, whatever. Give yourself 10 minutes away from the work to let your brain rest. Or maybe just relocate your entire workspace to a new location. The change venue really seems to help, and the increased flow of blood and oxygen doesn't hurt, either.
  2. Do something else. Read a short article, do 5 minutes of filing, write a haiku, order lunch or dinner. Changing tasks takes your mind off of the work, frequently unblocking your mojo.
  3. Just start. When all else fails, just start writing anywhere. Too often, we get caught up in starting at the beginning. When I I find myself good and stuck, I just start anywhere. Maybe I write subheads for sections. Maybe I write section 3 first and then work around. Sometimes just writing down the most important thing I want the reader to know is enough to get me started. Other times, I think about the questions or objections readers have and address those. Next thing I know, I'm writing.

Follow this advice to overcome writer's block and pop the cork on a finished project!

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