We’re working with the Kauffman Foundation to revise its FastTrac New Venture course materials and need examples, tips and cautionary tales from real entrepreneurs and small business owners. If your submission is selected for inclusion, your name and business name will be included.

Here’s a list of examples we need by 2P Monday, 22 March:

• A business that has a product or service that customers purchase frequently. What’s the product/service? How often do customers purchase? How does that benefit your bottom line?

• An innovative product, service or technology that required a lot of customer education to drive adoption. How did you figure out you needed to help customers understand the value of, or how to us, your product, service or technology? How did you identify early adopters and opinion leaders? What marketing strategies did you use to drive adoption?

• An entrepreneur who chose one business entity (say, an S corp) and then realized they chose the wrong one. Why did you make the initial choice? What made you realize it was the wrong one? How did you decide to change, and to which legal type?

• A small business owner who thought s/he was using independent contractors only to find they didn’t meet the IRS criteria. How did you use the contractor? What made them ineligible? How did that impact your bottom line? What did you do to correct the situation?

• An entrepreneur or small business owners who lost valuable IP because they didn’t have employees or others sign an agreement to the contrary. What was the IP and what was its value to your business? How did it get disclosed? How did that impact your business? How did you recover?

If you, one of your clients, or someone you know has a story to share, a tip to offer or a cautionary tale to tell, please email me with a brief write-up that answers the questions above, along with the name, title, company name and a brief description of the business. Please put FastTrac in the subject line and send to info@thewordfactory.com by 2P Monday, 22 March.