October is Self-Promotion Month!

We've all encountered the shameless self-promoters who leave a sheen in their wake and on your hands. So let's all agree that that's not what we're talking about here.

IMG_1961One thing I did this month was sign up to sponsor three high-profile events in my community. Most of my clients are out-of-town, and one of my goals this year was to get more local business. I could have gone to a ton of networking meetings and handed out businesses cards, but I wanted to do a promotional activity that spoke to the things I care about, like community, and showcase my skills. So I offered to write awards citations for these events in exchange for promotional consideration.

This kind of self-promotion is super-strategic. It gets my name and logo prominently placed on promotions, programs and even step-and-repeat backdrops. And I get shout-outs from the emcee, which are always nice. But the big win is that people see my work right then and there. I don't have to sell. If you want a good story told, you now know I can do it and you know where to find me. That's the kind of in-context self-promotion that translates into business.

That's one tactic. Here are some more you can try: