Sometimes, the work you do has additional value. This assignment for Philips Lifeline is one of those times.

I researched and wrote two articles about seniors' emergency room visits. One's aimed at seniors to help them prepare for and recuperate from a trip to the emergency department. The other's for adult children of aging parents to help them provide better support for their parents and the emergency care team. I learned a lot on this project and hope you will, too.

an illustration of emergency situations

What to do when your parent's in the ER

It’s something we don’t like to think about, but – like taxes and flu shots – we can’t ignore. At some point, it’s likely that our older loved ones will take a trip to the emergency room. These visits, even for minor mishaps, can have major consequences.

How to recover better from an ER visit

When you’re in the emergency room, it’s hard to think beyond your immediate need for medical assistance. That’s why it’s important to consider the implications of a trip to the ER before you have one. With some advance planning, a little organization and an active role in your own care, you can avoid or mitigate negative consequences.