I'm noticing a lot of lazy writing out there these days. Unimaginative ledes, weak endings and generally uninspired copy. But I could probably forgive those if it weren't for the down-right sloppiness.

The best example of this was found in a recent edition of one of our local papers: a 27-word sentence that had four words repeated twice each. Ooph! Where was the writer's inner voice on that one? Or the copy editor's? How did nobody notice that?

I know newsroom staffs have been cut to the bone. I know resources and brains are stretched to their limits. But I also know that more than one person read that piece before it went on the press. So what the Hell?

We always try to write as well as possible. But since I've been noticing this trend, we're trying harder. And we're making sure at least one other person reads everything we produce. We think this is the best way to make sure we create crisp, clean content. How does your team do it?