#NationalSmallBusinessWeek: Tips for marketing and promoting your small business

It's National Small Business Week and in honor of the occasion, we're sharing a few of our top-ranked posts on small business marketing. Not an SMB owner or manager? Please share this post with someone who is. Thanks!

A picture of Margot's parents, who were small business owners

The Word Factory's Founder Margot Lester grew up in her parents' small business, a gourmet grocery in Chapel Hill, NC.

7 Small Business Marketing How-Tos

Kick your marketing up a notch with these how-to articles:

  1. Visual Content Marketing: How to Make More Fast (and Cheap)
  2. How to Create a Brand/Business Voice
  3. 2 Steps to Increase Search Engine Visibility
  4. How to Drive Content Marketing Engagement
  5. Make Your Sales & Marketing Copy Sing
  6. How to Increase Relevance & Trust in Online Content
  7. Influence Customer Behavior and Improve Calls to Action with Purpose

Small Business Marketing Tips from Staples

We've been working with Staples for several years to strengthen the content in their Business Hub and create other verticals like the Restaurant Research Center. Here's a sampling:

  1. Small Business Branding 101
  2. 7 Print Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Business and How to Analyze Their Performance
  3. Small Business Playbook: How to Have a Great Trade Show Booth on a Budget
  4. Is it Time to Upgrade Your Signage? 
  5. What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business
  6. Don't be Spooked by Bad Customer Feedback
  7. Boost Your Restaurant or Bar Business with Community Involvement