I am, any way. I mentioned my resolve to do more creative things in 2012. My first project: a stand-up desk, inspired by my pal Mike Maxwell.

Margot Lester at her Daddy's knee

See? That's me at Daddy's knee.

Building blocks

I grew up at my daddy's knee as he made home repairs, did minor construction around the house and even started a business making record album holders for audiophiles like him. He made sure I had my own tools from the git-go and allowed me to help him out. That gave me confidence to build things, like the CPU cart for Steve (think a very sturdy skateboard with industrial casters) or the raccoon-proof dog chow holder I fashioned for the back deck. I think Daddy would be proud of my little project refitting a bookcase into my new desk.

Measure twice. Cut once.

No, it didn't take any power tools, but this is just the trial model. I'm giving it two weeks. If I still like it, I'll move things around to accommodate a bigger monitor and drill some holes to accommodate all the dad-burn cables.

Here's a walk-through:

Margot's standing desk

Here's the top part. Monitor is positioned at eye level. Keyboard shelf is positioned to keep my elbows bent at a comfortable 90-ish degrees.

I'm definitely feeling more engaged in my work -- alert maybe? My back isn't killing me, but I'm feeling it a bit in my feet. I notice that I feel less constrained in general and I'm definitely liking that! In fact, when I want a break from the action, I'm now more likely to walk around than I am to lean back and check email or visit social media sites. Winning!

That's my old desk in the final shot below, where I can easily bivouac when I'd rather sit down. And I still have a nifty view of the front yard just to the left of the new setup, so I can see the birds and deer and get my Gladys Kravitz on.

This is the bottom half of the stand-up desk.

Here's the bottom half. Neoprene mats cushion my (shoeless) feet. Lower shelf positioned to allow Capn. Morgan-style pose for lower-back relief (ditto, yoga bricks).

(And, yes, those are some retro office items that I definitely still use. The princess phone is a relic from college, and it's a God-send when the power and cell service are out. Though the phone's not a rotary, the Rolodex® is! Haven't updated that bad boy in years, but definitely still refer to it
from time to time. Finally, there's my stash of Crane stationery and a pile of vintage postcards from the stashes of my mom and Steve's dad.)

I'm psyched to see how this experiment works. I'll keep you posted!

This is the view from my standing desk.

This is the view out the window and onto the screened porch.